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Hard Drive Repair

Is your computer making a ticking noise or running really slow? It may be hard drive failure and can be one of the scariest areas we face in computer repair. The reason is most people don’t understand that the hard drive is where their information is stored. If you don’t have a back-up and your hard drive fails your data may be lost forever. We also run into a lot of inexperienced people who try and fix a hard drive but end up causing more trouble. Often it’s best just to leave these symptoms to professional service technicians (don’t be confused a Geek is not a Pro)

  • Noisy Hard Drive – If you experience a clicking noise shut off your computer and get it repaired as fast as possible
  • Computer does not start or consistent freezing
  • The dreaded Blue Screen of Death – also common with software errors
  • Start-up messages such as “Missing Operating System” or “Operating System Not Found”

At Heartland Computers we have the proper software and testing equipment to find out if your hard drive is bad. In the case of a failed hard drive we can replace the damaged hard drive with a new one and transfer your data to the new drive. In the case of mechanical failure we will give you your options before repair as this can get expensive and is not 100% guaranteed.