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Virus Malware Removal

You turn on your computer and all of a sudden pop-ups start flying all over your screen.  What the heck is going on, you think?  How did all this crap get on my computer?  Welcome to the internet! A scary place for some, especially when you realize that most anti-virus software programs don’t even begin to catch all the junk that tries to infect your computer.  So what is a person supposed to do?  We’ll get to that in a second, but first let’s run down some things:

What are the threats facing my computer?

Viruses – code generated by a hacker to take over your computer and made to spread to other computers via email or websites and can cause damage to your information.

Malware – programs that are created by hackers to maliciously harm your computer and perform tasks you do not intend the computer to do.  Often, malware re-directs your browser to websites with the intent of making money with pay-per-click websites.  Free games often include malware.

Spyware – is a program or code created to steal your personal information or monitor your computer activity and send it to the programmer.  Often, some-what legitimate software like WeatherBug or CoolWebSearch will function like this, monitoring your browsing history and collecting the data.

Trojan – is a specific virus created to make your computer more suspect to other virus attacks.  It “opens the backdoor”, so to speak.

How can you tell if you are infected?

  • Computer running slow
  • Pop-up while browsing
  • Browser redirects
  • Webpages that look like software
  • Family/friends getting emails you did not send
  • Your icons don’t work when clicked
  • You have fraudulent charges on your credit cards

How can you remove a virus/malware?

If you think your computer is infected, don’t panic.  Do not use over-the-internet repair solutions as many are a scam.  Instead, disconnect from the internet so that no more viruses can be installed and information stolen.  Then bring your computer into Heartland so one of our professional technicians can remove the infection and update your computer's software to prevent future attacks.   We strongly recommend Malwarebytes Pro for future protection.  HOWEVER, NOTHING IS 100% FOOL PROOF!